Saturday, August 8, 2009

#42 Burgers N' Fries

Thanks to the blog Cupcake Takes the Cake, we decided to try a little Saturday Sweets!!

Brownies take a lot of work!

A LOT of work!

Fill 1/4 full for the "burger"

Yellow cupcake "buns"!!

Assembly line ready! Order in!!

A wee burger is born!


"Ketchup and Mustard"

Slim sugar cookies making like fries!

Order out!!

Dessert is served!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Radical Notion


All you have to do is remove things from "the list" in order to experience being exactly who you ARE. You can just redo the list. Maybe you've done all that you need to, learned all that you're going to, gone all the places you should have. Imagine, rewrite the list with all the boxes checked! You are THERE, you are DONE.

How does it feel?
What would that list look like?

Could you then relax and just BE? Take each day as it comes? Move as you are so moved? Moment by moment, confident you are exactly who you are intended to be?


Sunday, August 2, 2009

#43 - Blanks Out Again

It's just not going to happen. And its all good.

#37 - Made good on that scrabble date with Lillian

And we had a wonderful time! I admire this 89 year old woman so much. A thrice married fellow Gemini, she is as energetic and lively as anybody half her age. I had some trepidation about the meeting spot (the coffee house in Ferndale) because I did not realize it was opening day of Rosie O'Grady's and the street scene was on bump! I thought she may have had trouble finding the place (it is a bit obscure) or that parking wouild be a challenge. But no, she beat me there, with her smart white suit and crisp summer straw hat, Scrabble board in tow (she always has it in the trunk, you never know when a Scrabble opportunity might present itself!!) A. met us there and we had a delightful time over soup, sandwiches, and coffee. Oddly, a woman who was there kept looking at us and looking at us. She finally came on over and said she admired our relationship and how good we looked, and she was moved to come over because her 100 year old mom was sick and she was very worried abotu her. She thought Lillian and I were mother and daughter. Lillian expalined that no, we are friends! and I added that we used to work together and were also both Geminis. Well, this woman was a Gemini too!! We had a good laugh and shared some philosophical insights on everything from men to politics. I will be sending her some Social Fourum information, she was/is an activist as well...

Anyway, we played until 10:30 pm!! It was a great, high scoring game, the likes of which I have not been able to repeat with M. (But he cheats...) We walked Lillian to her car and bid farewell. I hope to do it again soon, but feel really good that I made good on that promise finally!!