Wednesday, December 31, 2008

#61 Attending Services at Unity Temple...

I have been invited to attend a Burning Bowl ceremony today at 5pm. I'm really looking forward to this because of the perception of a fresh start. I am ready to put this year behind me. Its one that will always stand out as more memorable than others because of the amount and depth of transition. I want to work on health and healing as the theme for 2009. There are aspects of my life that feel completely out of control (not that i have to control everything, its just that i need to bring some order to the chaos to feel more grounded, connected to this place.)I want to be still. I have fallen into the patterns of old vices and let my boundaries evaporate searching for the elusive feelings of peace. I have assumed that those I interacted with shared the same level of consciousness and committment to respect and reciprocity only to learn a few more painful lessons. I have made some new friends, whom i hope become permanent patches in the piecework. Thin blood and thick water...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

#10 Make A YouTube Channel

This has been such a great day of learning for me!! Making the YouTube channel was the last step actually of a day long process. i was determined to figure out how to post some of this Scene footage I have from back in the day which Uncle T had compiled from VHS onto DVD for me. So, i had to first figure out how to get the video footage off of the DVD, then "decrypt" it (oooo, vocab fun!) then encode it to a .mpg or other suitable format to THEN be edited in Premier or Windows Movie Maker. I found free software downloads to handle the decryption and encoding too, so I'm jazzed about that! I have quite a bit to learn about Premier...seems so foreign to me even though I worked on it when I was in college and at first the files would not import into Windows Movie Maker, but the beauty of technology (and life too if we think hard enough)there's more than one way to skin a cat! so, i toodled around and fiddled and faddled until I got it!! Just one rough clip but still, considering what i had to go through to get that, i'm pleased!!!

The Free-D Media Channel

And, because its about sharing information (why else have a world wide web blog?) the free software downloads i used were:



Any Video Converter

NOTE: All features are not available on the freebie, but both are relatively inexpensive should you need to buy 'em.

It's been great!!!

#47 Rebuilding My CD Collection

This young lady is so dynamic and inspiring!! i love going to Borders and listening to the headphone displays and finding new and beautiful surprises! I have found the best selections that way!! That's how I got hip to Paris By Night, Pacifika, and now Esperanza Spalding!! and it was only 11.99!! This counts toward my Spanish too because some of it is in Spanish and her website is bilingual. Every thing happens for a reason and nothing is coincidental. I watch my path unfold beautifully in front of me...

Yes!! I also bought Carly Simons Greatest Hits.

I swear i would have probably named my daughter Carly had i been as into her all along. Don't know why this latent awakening, but i just love, love, love her songs! The lyrics just move me:

(From That's The Way I Always Heard It Should Be)

My friends from college they're all married now
They have their houses and their lawns
They have their silent noons
Tearful nights, angry dawns
Their children hate them for the things they're not
They hate themselves for what they are
And yet they drink, they laugh
Close the wound, hide the scar

Saturday, December 20, 2008

#12 Get a Laptop

Well, my friend gave me one. She needed to borrow $50 bucks, which i would have given without the laptop, but she insisted. Now, I need to get a power cord for it and figure out the capabilites of the thing, but I feel confident that I can note take and internet with the best of them. I'll keep you posted on how this works out.

#51 Quit Smoking

I did not do so good that first time around, as you can see the number of days without stayed at 1. This time around, truthfully I have only done 2 but I am feeling that I'm in a better place to attempt this. I have been doing some deeper self assessment and am calling on my Higher Power to help me over the hurdle of these vices and, most importantly, acknowledging the sources of stress, frustration, imbalance. I am on a mission to reconnect to my inner Goddess and that manifestation of myself does not compromise, mind-body-spirit! It pays attention to the gut, the feelings that a particular situation brings about and does not numb that feeling, or try to enhance that feeling with alcohol, caffeine, or nicotine. So, I am starting with a small goal to see what happens, but no alcohol, caffeine, or nicotine through the remaining 2008. I spent the last day in bed, sleep-sleep-sleep and reading! I''m only drinking water and herbal tea and trying to learn patience and love of self again.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

#93 Attend a City Hall Meeting

Well, I did not attend a city hall meeting, instead went with the MEC to represent EMEAC at the governor's office. It was just her peeps and ours. i sat right next to her. I was really excited to be there and was digging the conversation and interaction, what an involved citizenry does. Combined with the election fervor and energy, i am leaning toward deepening my involvement in the workings of gov't as it relates to the activist work. I see the connection, whereas before I was content to raise a ruckus. I need to take it to the next level. I am reminded of my first "organizing", although I was not aware that it was that at the time. When the Camp Positive Influence youth counselors got stiffed out of Cedar Point pay and they, based on us talking about the issues, the law, adultism, etc, met with the boss, presented their arguments, and got their pay. I AM a organizer. And i see how it fits now. I need to break out with my schoolhouse rock video..."I'm just a bill, sitting here on capitol hill, oh well well!!!"

I won't cross this off because I have not actually done the hall here i come!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

#47 Rebuilding My CD Collection

All I have to say is Pandora. The ability to have such a wide variety of music at my fingertips is helping me to figure out what i like enough to buy. And, has exposed me to the likes of musicians i never would have heard otherwise. From Blackilicious to Carly there's a span for ya! And Joni Mitchell! How did i sleep on this goddess?? Its amazing to me, the connection of music to the soul! The most basic of connections. How it touches me. How I can relate to somebody sometime, their emotions put to song. And new folk that I am thankful for...Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse...who would think? My Dead Prez loving self. Its all connected. I am thankful. Right now, I am thankful. I love that my kids croone alond to Erikah Badu and K-OS, Pacifika and Prince. Music is life.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

#51 Quitting - 1 day without

Sometimes its so easy, especially if no alcohol is involved. I can go days... I'm not addicted to nicotine...its part of a mental process. Asscociated with "relaxing". I can usually pin-point an increased urge in time of anxiety and/or stress. It such times its necessary to evaluate what is going on around me. Sometimes a positive can still be stressful, like the excitement children feel on the day before their birthday's or Christmas, or a trip to Cedar Pointe. And I know that I have to learn to be patient. The cigarette then becomes a metaphor for the passing of time. And an actual way to feel as if I'm making some time pass to get to __________________ (fill in the blank) sooner.

What are some other "time fillers" that would be more healthy and move me foward in these processes?

I have to remember how sincerely I want cigarettes to no longer be a part of my life.

I have to think about how good I feel physically and emotionally when I don't smoke.

I can meditate on my health, think about my lungs and my body as a beautifully balanced system.

I have to think about my children, the example I set and how to live to see them grow up.

I have to think about my spirituality and how, for me, the road is partially blocked to accessing higher awarenesses and sacred instruction when I actively participate in destruction of the temple.

Friday, December 5, 2008

# 85 buying local

So, this will be an ongoing thing...or will there be a "done" date?

Higher Grounds Trading Company
located in Traverse City, Michigan

These use some of the profits to fund global projects such as "The Oromia Photo Project" or the "Water For All" project.

Available at the Natural Food Patch in Ferndale.

Fair Trade

and the artwork on the package is the work of Beatriz Aurora, from Chiapas Mexico who tells the story of indigenous struggle through her artwork.

Life is perfect, but i'm not

So, my list is misnumbered and #78 is too vague. AND, since i plan to chronicle my attempt at this, i can't just be deleting and reordering things on the list or they won't correspond to the postings. RULES!!! Who makes these things anyway?

I also felt like it was very telling that the first things on my list have to do with "work". I mean, I am passionate aboout technology but it should not come before Self Improvement and Fun and Fam right?

Ah well, such is life. Time for coffee.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

#8 Start A Blog

I still need to spend some time developing a relationship with The Blog now. I mean, I feel like we are off to a good start but, a good relationship takes time and work so, we've only just begun. I feel confident that over the next weeks, months, years, our experience together will deepen. With all of the ups and downs that go with. Looking forward!

101 in 1001 List (It Starts Today!!)

So, as you can see, I have this long ass list of things that I will accomplish by September 1, 2011. I wanted to put a countdown counter on this here page but have yet to figure it out. I am happy to say that, as a result of this list and its requirements for posting to the Day Zero site, I am able to check off an item on my list already!!