Wednesday, December 17, 2008

#93 Attend a City Hall Meeting

Well, I did not attend a city hall meeting, instead went with the MEC to represent EMEAC at the governor's office. It was just her peeps and ours. i sat right next to her. I was really excited to be there and was digging the conversation and interaction, what an involved citizenry does. Combined with the election fervor and energy, i am leaning toward deepening my involvement in the workings of gov't as it relates to the activist work. I see the connection, whereas before I was content to raise a ruckus. I need to take it to the next level. I am reminded of my first "organizing", although I was not aware that it was that at the time. When the Camp Positive Influence youth counselors got stiffed out of Cedar Point pay and they, based on us talking about the issues, the law, adultism, etc, met with the boss, presented their arguments, and got their pay. I AM a organizer. And i see how it fits now. I need to break out with my schoolhouse rock video..."I'm just a bill, sitting here on capitol hill, oh well well!!!"

I won't cross this off because I have not actually done the hall here i come!!

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