Saturday, December 20, 2008

#51 Quit Smoking

I did not do so good that first time around, as you can see the number of days without stayed at 1. This time around, truthfully I have only done 2 but I am feeling that I'm in a better place to attempt this. I have been doing some deeper self assessment and am calling on my Higher Power to help me over the hurdle of these vices and, most importantly, acknowledging the sources of stress, frustration, imbalance. I am on a mission to reconnect to my inner Goddess and that manifestation of myself does not compromise, mind-body-spirit! It pays attention to the gut, the feelings that a particular situation brings about and does not numb that feeling, or try to enhance that feeling with alcohol, caffeine, or nicotine. So, I am starting with a small goal to see what happens, but no alcohol, caffeine, or nicotine through the remaining 2008. I spent the last day in bed, sleep-sleep-sleep and reading! I''m only drinking water and herbal tea and trying to learn patience and love of self again.

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