Sunday, December 14, 2008

#47 Rebuilding My CD Collection

All I have to say is Pandora. The ability to have such a wide variety of music at my fingertips is helping me to figure out what i like enough to buy. And, has exposed me to the likes of musicians i never would have heard otherwise. From Blackilicious to Carly there's a span for ya! And Joni Mitchell! How did i sleep on this goddess?? Its amazing to me, the connection of music to the soul! The most basic of connections. How it touches me. How I can relate to somebody sometime, their emotions put to song. And new folk that I am thankful for...Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse...who would think? My Dead Prez loving self. Its all connected. I am thankful. Right now, I am thankful. I love that my kids croone alond to Erikah Badu and K-OS, Pacifika and Prince. Music is life.

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