Tuesday, December 23, 2008

#10 Make A YouTube Channel

This has been such a great day of learning for me!! Making the YouTube channel was the last step actually of a day long process. i was determined to figure out how to post some of this Scene footage I have from back in the day which Uncle T had compiled from VHS onto DVD for me. So, i had to first figure out how to get the video footage off of the DVD, then "decrypt" it (oooo, vocab fun!) then encode it to a .mpg or other suitable format to THEN be edited in Premier or Windows Movie Maker. I found free software downloads to handle the decryption and encoding too, so I'm jazzed about that! I have quite a bit to learn about Premier...seems so foreign to me even though I worked on it when I was in college and at first the files would not import into Windows Movie Maker, but the beauty of technology (and life too if we think hard enough)there's more than one way to skin a cat! so, i toodled around and fiddled and faddled until I got it!! Just one rough clip but still, considering what i had to go through to get that, i'm pleased!!!

The Free-D Media Channel

And, because its about sharing information (why else have a world wide web blog?) the free software downloads i used were:



Any Video Converter

NOTE: All features are not available on the freebie, but both are relatively inexpensive should you need to buy 'em.

It's been great!!!

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