Sunday, December 7, 2008

#51 Quitting - 1 day without

Sometimes its so easy, especially if no alcohol is involved. I can go days... I'm not addicted to nicotine...its part of a mental process. Asscociated with "relaxing". I can usually pin-point an increased urge in time of anxiety and/or stress. It such times its necessary to evaluate what is going on around me. Sometimes a positive can still be stressful, like the excitement children feel on the day before their birthday's or Christmas, or a trip to Cedar Pointe. And I know that I have to learn to be patient. The cigarette then becomes a metaphor for the passing of time. And an actual way to feel as if I'm making some time pass to get to __________________ (fill in the blank) sooner.

What are some other "time fillers" that would be more healthy and move me foward in these processes?

I have to remember how sincerely I want cigarettes to no longer be a part of my life.

I have to think about how good I feel physically and emotionally when I don't smoke.

I can meditate on my health, think about my lungs and my body as a beautifully balanced system.

I have to think about my children, the example I set and how to live to see them grow up.

I have to think about my spirituality and how, for me, the road is partially blocked to accessing higher awarenesses and sacred instruction when I actively participate in destruction of the temple.

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