Saturday, April 3, 2010

NaPoWriMo - #1 Cattitude

Cattitude - NaPoWriMo 1_30

broke out of basement penitentiary
to laze in the sun, perhaps
waiting for some

a huge alley cat
made of smoke
tabbed my way
from the area of the garage
dusted my toes with charcoal dust
blinked honey almond eyes
the orb of her iris grew into a sun
grass danced a shimmy
birds sang, gnats danced,
giant amber ants
escorted me to a wating barque
sailed into the eye of Ra

majestic at the helm
of an I-Phone
arms open
rubbed liquid gold into
winter-stiff back
spoke in voices of forgotten worlds
copied Coptic prayers
onto my palms
we swam in the red sea
behind our eyelids
washed locs in
frankincense and myrrh

Delivered to
Sekhmet on shore
boarded peoplemover to Punt
with Hatchepsut
drank honey wine
ate olives
stretched out
hugging the earth's curves
silvery CD's spin and sparkle in the sky
swinging from jetstreams bound
to make Paris by night
crawled inside my ear to take a nap

feral spirit trapped
in canopic jar
we cracked open alley cat dreams
on the first warm day of spring
in Detroit

Writing prompt - shuffle (I pod, cd case, etc. pick 5 albums, use the name.)
5 Albums:
E.badu - penitentiary
Carly Simon - revelation
Paris Lounge - Paris By Night
Compilation - Voices of Forgotten Worlds
Black Bottom Collective - Peoplemover