Thursday, March 26, 2009

#50 Mammogram and #101 Finishing This List

Scheduled for April 2nd! It is a shame that I have put this off and put this off. Every time SOMETHING seems to come up. But that is really no excuse to put my health on hold in this way. If I want to create this new, loving relationship with myself, my health is a huge part of it. I wonder why it is so hard for me, us, do the "right" things. And I do feel it is a challenge. How much time do I spend writing about, thinking about, and imagining what I should be doing? I think that is one of the reasons projects like this 101 in 1001 are popular. Successful? that's another story! I have been going through the Day Zero sight a little and checking out other's requirement is that you start a blog or have the list publicly accessible in some way...and so many peeps are motivated for a minute (for some its just the creation of the list!)and the entries quickly fall off. I am going to keep looking for some other 101'ers to follow.

Speaking of the list itself, its interesting to read what folks have on their list. I see some that I believe are way too absract or severe for success. The key to change is slow, steady, and gradual. You have to sneak up on your ego, it wants everything to stay exactly the say. Its a form of protection. If the items of the list do not seemingly pose a threat to the ego, you just might get them done! Or, use the "how to eat an elephant" methodology...(one bite at a time). 101 "little" things can add up to a great new and improved you. And that's another common thread. (I think. need to reasearch more.) Most folks lists seem to revolve around self-improvement, not just 101 willy nilly "things to do" (buy something red, eat a tuna fish sandwich...) although completing such a list would probably still bring a certain amount of satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment I guess. I wonder if it is possible to create a list without intention (but then that would be the intent...I philosophize way too much).

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