Monday, January 5, 2009

#33 - Finish Bill Strickland Book

Done!! As of tonight!! I will admit that i took so long to read it, that i feel i need to go back and read the first half again...and i probably will one day. But, i did get a great deal of inspiration from the book and feel like i really would like to go there and check out his set up. His philosophy sounds a lot like mine, maybe i will do a more indepth write up or treat it like a research paper source and make some index cards. But he presents it in a way that sounds "too good to be true" sometimes, attributing it to not being afraid to dream big, and when a big dream goes askew, dream bigger!" I'm going to try it anyway. It was a good thing to be reading as I am trying to stoke the fires of my passion and get back in the "zone, flow, swing" whatever you want to call that place where passion thrives on overtime status!!

I'm spending some time visualizing what i think my ultimate goal/life's work is. Revisiting the Pixar/Piney Woods idea (The name will be Vandelea Studio and Sustainability Farm)rekindling, reshaping, reintroducing myself...and making the effort to hear my heart speak and guide me Divinely. Allowing patience!!

That's the motto of 2009 Patience and Passion!!

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