Friday, January 2, 2009

#69 - Completing Senior Seminar

Pennies from Heaven!! Last night I was contemplating how i was going to pay for my Senior Seminar class, the last class to complete the BFA started in 1984, restarted in 2000...Money is tight right now, need I say that? And the class is $600 some odd dollars and I really did not know where it would come from. But I put it on my "Bucket List", registered anyway and the start date is Monday the 5th. Well, this morning i get a call from my bank saying i won their customer raffle for $800!! Just like that! The Divine gifted me with $800!! Now, i can pay for my class AND the advanced belly dance class that I want to take with Sanaa!! I don'think I have ever won anything in my life, not counting the huge stuffed cow I won at a carnival game (which was pretty amazing to me as well considering that up till then, i really had never won anything of note.)

It just leads me to reflect on the time I have taken to vision, collage, journal and otherwise pay attention to my souls requests. I have recently been receiving many, many messages about patience and surrender. My tarot card reading for 2009 started with the Temperance card, my horoscope indicated that Pluto is entering a 15 year cycle that will require patience and surrender, and it talked about how to channel this into a positive. The freedom that can come with surrender. I am giving myself over the the Universe's Divine will, I know that the things i write about or am driven to collect or make imagery of, are the soul's instructions coming to the surface.

All is in Divine Order!!


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