Friday, January 2, 2009

#46 Have a Frida Kahlo themed self-portrait party

I read about this cool idea in the magazine Cloth Paper Scissors, July/August 2008 Issue and talked about it with my friend/boss and we decided to have one to celebrate Kwanzaa at her house on January 1st. The idea was to celebrate the artist by recreating a version of yourself in that artist's style. Could be Picasso, Matisse, Dali, whomever. Supply guests with plenty of craft items to support the themed artist, in Frida's case we had beads and magazines, made brightly colored tissue flowers, buttons and cardstock. One guest made herself as a "Stephanie-In-The-Box" her self popping out of a box laden with hopes, dreams, and inspiration on all four sides, another made herself the message in a bottle and represented all of the elements on the outside with scrolls of herself, her horoscope, and family mentors inside. There were abstract Gaia goddess collages, and even a collage featuring a red bra (as in brassiere!) holding all of the wishes for a prosperous tomorrow!

My Frida-Me is a Phoenix Guardian Angel, she is the one who holds all of my promises, doling them out as appropriate, gently keeping the reborn, new and improved, 2009 model me on track!!

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