Saturday, January 31, 2009

#43 - Meet Patrick in 2009

Will become "This space intentionally left blank." for a sincere, interesting person to fill it, whom i will meet in 2009. For ALL of the sincere, interesting people I will meet in 2009. I will not, however, be meeting Patrick. The plan was to visit...this has been after years (yes, years!) of internet conversation, a few phone calls here and there, and, although there was some irregularity, the general building of a friendship with a possibility for a deeper relationship. Call me naieve and you would be correct. I am always imagining the best, fabricating details that project people onto larger than life pedestals. But the Universe always has my back, gently removing rose-colored glasses so that I may gaze upon reality. So, when I came upon the discrepancy in the details, I was not 100% surprised. What did surprise me was his decision to "plead the 5th", and to never speak of it in our subsequent conversations. So, i got tired of feeding the elephant...

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