Thursday, April 2, 2009

NaPoWriMo #2 - Secret Storm

Secret Storm

A nimbus gray sky speaks foreboding,
the shade of old limbs, aching with memory.
Dense clouds swell with unspoken words,
fog protectively clings to her lips,
precipitation collects at the back of her throat.
She’s so quiet, he’s so calm.
Nostils flared with premonition,
they can smell it in the air.

Brewing in the stomach’s pit.
the wind whips suppressed sentiment.
Dirty laundry flaps empty arms
and, one by one, the layers of lies come loose.
With lightning rod elocution
she turns and spews twin volts of truth.
The current cauterizes his smoky tongue.
It will never strike this same place twice.


Notes: Today's assignment, stretchy metaphor

Take 5 nouns and verbs associated with one area and use them to write an extended metaphor about another subject.

Mine was storms and communication

Inspired by the old soap opera title "Secret Strom"

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Mariacristina said...

Fab combo of words with a subtext. And thanks for participating too, :-)