Monday, April 27, 2009


Yes!!!!! Today I handed in "The Package" of all of my work. Unfortunately, since I had the hospital thing going on, I now have to get a note from the doctor verfying that I was not able to attend the faculty review and he will waive that. Its sort of a letdown, because I did want some faculty input...not enought to do the other option (which I will have to if I cannot for some reason get this note, but we are not even claiming that!!!) of taking an incomplete to finish the class in the fall!!! No! Like I said, we are not claiming THAT!! I'm marking this baby to the black! Tomorrow I need to make a rash of graduation related phone calls about diplomas and cap and gown pictures (for mom, she has to have that picture!) I am just going to proceed with optimism and all will go well. I am so happy!!!

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