Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reel Me In!

OK, I am laid up for this week because I had an odd (and very scary) episode last week where my blood pressure shot up sky high and I began experiencing vertigo. Now, you want to talk about scared? I thought I was having a stroke! I ended up in the hospital for a couple of days and am basically tied to the house now because the mere thought of driving in a car makes me want to throw up! (The 10 minute ride I took yesterday, did.) I feel basically OK when I'm laying down, but, as I tool around here wandering from the bathroom, to the kitchen, to the computer, to the bed, the dizziness revs its engines. I'm thankful for this laptop that I'm sharing the sheets with! We have been getting along great! I have been working on my job's website and blog a little, have been doing some media related research, and getting excited overall about getting better and getting back to the trenches!!

The header for this post, however, reminds me of my "Mile Wide Inch Deep" syndrome. Like I said, I absolutely love mining the internet for jewels and gems and am never dissappointed. Its what to DO with all that information that stymies me. My "favorites" list is bulging at the pixels, threatening to spillout all over the top of my desk, and I sure as hell don't remember what all those "favorites" are! (Hence #13 on my 101 list!) Part of it is learning to relax and trust that the information will be there (somewhere on the world wide web) when i am in need of it. I need to give the smackdown to my inner packrat!

Then I get all overwhelmed to the point of inertia. Too much input. After I have skipped around admiring websites that I thought would be good design examples for our work site, finding a ridiculously cool website about eco-urban planning (Center for Urban Pedagogy), downloading a gold mine of Second Life Curriculum from the blessed and generous,I began to research how to do a Podcast! Needless to say, I need to reel it in! After flirting with mashups and twibes in the virtual pick up joint, and deciding to learn how to make blog templates (cuz I am just not feeling this one anymore, no offense to anyone...), I fell back among the pillows exhausted, head pounding, palms sweaty!

Whew! That called for a cup of Sleepytime and a few whiffs of eucalyptus oil!

But you know what? I feel good. I feel excited again about this project called Me. And as I step back and give the Universe room to do its thing, I am basking in the glow of anticipation. When I am back on my feet, I WILL hit the ground running! (ok, ok, at a steady marathon type pace, not a sprint!)

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