Wednesday, April 8, 2009

NaPoWriMo#4 - Chalkboard Circus

Chalkboard Circus

The ring leader cracks the whip
and the public address system
springs to life.
Jagged edged announcements,
sprinkled with threats, snare
the senses like the slide of
a trombone.
Bang the drum!
Ring the bell!
Beautiful creatures emerge
simultaneously from crowded cages,
lions, tigers, and bears dressed in finery,
holding tightly to hopes
kept on short strings.
The march orderly,
rounded up for the assembly
by rubbernoses and air horns,
insults and mockery.
They leap gracefully through
fiery hoops, looking back at
their tormentors, snarling.
Ready to break free until
they see the daring young man
on the flying trapeze
shot down for trying to fly.

Dedicated to BJ and savage inequalities everywhere

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