Thursday, April 2, 2009

#50 - Smoosh the Boobies!! Done!!

Well, I must say, I've had better fun in other places! But,I'm so pleased to have taken this step. It has only taken me two years to do the damn thing. Life tries its best to get in the way sometimes, or we get in our own way! It is so hard not to have an advewrsarial relationship with yourself. We know the things that are good for us, but we are conditioned to want other things. Or swell up with resentment that we can't or shouldn't have certain things (Hump, who is he to tell ME i can't have ice cream? or I'll smoke when and where I feel!)because so much of who we are revolves around an illusion of freedom, or at least a misconception.

So, with my own health and self as an interest project, I got the boobies smooshed today and hopefully all will be well!

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